Beaded Seat Cushion

A beaded seat cushion is made of round or oval-shaped beads that are joined together into a one-piece cushion that is usually placed on top of a car seat or other chair. Most cushions have beads on the back as well as on the seat. Many people use these cushions at home or in the office if they sit in front of their computer in a desk chair for many hours each day. They can also be used on motorcycle or truck seats. Some cushions are made only of beads while others have various materials on them besides beads alone. Wooden beads are usually natural in color, and the cushions may have accent beads in burgundy, black, or dark brown.

Beaded Seat CushionThe main benefit to using one of these cushions is that the beads massage the back, thighs and hips with every slight movement that a person makes. They also use acupressure to relieve fatigue and pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. The cushions improve circulation, especially when a person shifts their weight while sitting. Another advantage of the beaded seat cushion is that it helps the driver stay cool in the hot weather. It allows air to circulate between the back of the car seat and the driver’s back, hips, and thighs and prevents clothes from sticking to the seat and back of the seat in hot, humid weather. Many people who use them say that it reduces the need for air conditioning, especially while driving.

There are various styles of cushions that can be found online or in an automotive supply store or discount store. One style has rattan trim on the top and side of the back and seat. The rattan portion extends down from the beads on the seat so that the underneath portion of the knees are placed on the rattan part rather than on the beads. It still has a beaded seat for hip and thigh massage and comfort. This style of seat may be more comfortable for some people who do not like the feel of the beads behind their knees as they drive or sit.

Another unique style of beaded seat cushions has the added feature of a lumbar pillow. The cushion is protruded at the spot where the lower back is positioned, and this lessens the stress on the lower back caused by long periods of sitting. It also has beads that are placed at different angles to massage the back. This high-end model is still very reasonably priced at around $25.

A beaded seat cushion is also available to fit onto a motorcycle seat with four elastic straps that stretch over the seat and attach underneath with hook-and-loop material that is in the straps. The beads are very helpful to bikers taking long journeys since motorcycle seats can be very uncomfortable. The beads serve as pressure points, much like pressing on the temple area of the head if one has a headache. One of these cushions cost only around $15. They are available in beige or in black with grey accents.

There are other cushions that combine beads with magnetic therapy. The beads provide acupressure massage for the legs and back while driving or sitting at home or in the office at a desk for long periods of time. They are very good at eliminating aches and pains for long-haul truck drivers who may drive 10 or 11 hours each day. The magnets in the cushion are strategically placed at stress points in the back, buttocks, legs, and shoulder. These cushions are supposed to improve circulation as well as posture. They cost around $30 per cushion.